”Mili” is a music unit formed by


(Vocalist, Lyricist)

Yamato Kasai a.k.a. HAMO

(Composer, Guitarist)

Yukihito Mitomo


Shoto Yoshida


Ame Yamaguchi

(Stylist, Art Director, Designer)

Ao Fujimori

(Illustrator, Animator)

We are working with the global artist and company.

We of "Mili" take on requests regarding music related work from anywhere in the world.

movie, anime, game,commercial,drama,etc…

Please don't hesitate to contact us.







About Mili

クラシカルなサウンドを土台に、幅広い作曲を手掛けるコンポーザーYamato Kasai(G)、天使の歌声を持ち、トリリンガル(3 ヶ国語)で作詞も担当するカナダ人ボーカリストmomocashew(モモカシュー)(Vo)、高度なテクニックでMili の音楽を支える実力派プレイヤーYukihito Mitomo(B)、Shoto Yoshida(Dr)、Mili の世界観を視覚的に表現するクリエイターAme Yamaguchi(Stylist, Art Director,Designer)、Ao Fujimori(Illustrator, Animator)の6 名からなる世界基準の音楽制作集団。

Yamato Kasai とmomocashew が創り出す幻想的で物語性がある楽曲は聴いた者を一瞬で虜にする。

全世界で大ヒットしている音楽ゲームアプリ「Deemo」に多数の楽曲を提供し、人気のアーティストとしてその認知度を広め、YouTube のチャンネル登録数(ファン数)はインディーズシーンでは異例の10 万人を超える。
CD は前々作「Mag Mell」前作「Miracle Milk」ともオリコンインディーズチャート1 位を記録、2017 年5 月24 日には1st Mini Album「Hue」を発表。
2017 年夏には日本国内最大級のフェスSUMMER SONIC2017 に出演が決定するなど、活躍の場をさらに広げていている。


Mili is an indies international music producing group consisting of 6 talented minds -- with a background in classical music, composer/guitarist Yamato Kasai produces a wide range of music pieces; fluently trilingual Canadian vocalist momocashew writes lyrics in many languages and sings with an angelic voice; highly skilled bassist Yukihito Mitomo and drummer Shoto Yoshida provide a solid backbone to Mili’s music with various techniques; stylist/designer/art director Ame Yamaguchi and illustrator/animator Ao Fujimori visually depict the magical world of Mili.

Together, Yamato Kasai and momocashew create imaginative and story-rich songs, shaking fans all over the globe.

Mili has provided multiple tracks for the globally successful rhythm game Deemo and quickly became one of the most popular artists featured on the game. Making an impact to ears all over the world, Mili’s fan base grew exponentially, reaching over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, a number quite impressive for an indies artist.

Both Mili’s 1st album Mag Mell and 2nd album Miracle Milk reached the Oricon Indies Chart #1. Their 1st mini album Hue was released on May 24, 2017.

In summer 2017, Mili will be performing in the biggest music festival in Japan, SUMMER SONIC2017, with even more to come.


在坚固古典音乐基础之上编写多样曲调的作曲家/吉他手Yamato Kasai(葛西大和),拥有天使般梦幻歌声并能用3 国语言流畅沟通作词的加拿大籍华人主唱momocashew,实力派演奏者贝斯手Yukihito Mitomo(三友行人)与鼓手Shoto Yoshida(吉田翔人)运用高超演奏技术为Mili 的音乐添翼,用视觉展现Mili 多彩世界观的造型师/设计师/美术指导Ame Yamaguchi(山口雨)与插画师/动画师Ao Fujimori(藤森苍)——才艺缤纷的6 人所组成的世界级音乐制作团体。

Yamato Kasai 与momocashew 共同创作的魔幻并充满故事性的乐曲使世界各地视听者落于俘虏。

Mili 为风靡全球的音乐游戏Deemo 提供数曲,成为游戏中的人气音乐提供者,知名度高涨,受万众瞩目。Mili 身为indie(独立)乐队,却在全球最大视频网站YouTube 上拥有超过10 万人的订阅者。首张专辑“Mag Mell”与次张专辑“Miracle Milk”都取得日本最具权威音乐标榜Oricon Chart Indies 第一名。在2017 年5 月24 日Mili 又发行了首张迷你专辑“Hue”。

2017 年夏天,Mili 将出演于日本最大音乐节SUMMER SONIC 2017。今后会更加活跃。

Mili Official YouTube Channel


August, 2012

The formation of "Mili"


October 28th, 2012

Sound On Our Palms -TENORI-ON Compilation-


November, 2012

Provides for “Cytus"


December, 2012

Music Video "解体と造形 - KAITAI TO ZOKEI"


March 31th, 2013

Provides for "MuNiCa - Cry of Pluto" (sound novel)


September 2nd, 2013

 Provides for "Interactive WhiteboardRicoh Co., Ltd.

September 17th, 2013

Provides for "山ゆり(Yamayuri)"

Opening sound effect

"A lighthouse and a lilium auratum

"A flower sings

September 18th, 2013

Split Album "H△G × Mili" on sale

Sold out!


September 21th, 2013  



"MuNiCa - Cry of Pluto"

was sent to TOKYO GAME SHOW 2013 for display. 


November 13th, 2013
Provides for “Deemo"


November 30th, 2013
Arrangement forBackstage Pass"



December 13th, 2013

Composition & Arrangement

ごめんね - Gomenne"


January 8th, 2014

"ARTISTCROWD" registered


March 8th, 2014

 Provides for "夜狐八重奏+"


June, 2014

Provides for TOTO Showroom "Washlet® Functionality (USA)" by TOTO LTD.


July 26, 2014

Provides for La ville de Gaspard et Lisa by FUJI KYUKO CO., LTD

"Projection Mapping"


September 29, 2014

1st Full Album "Mag Mell"


"1st place"


November 5, 2014

Ferri 2nd Album ""

Arrangement for

"rusty chandelier" / "eternal return"


Jan, 2015

Provides for Combi co., ltd "Branding Movie

Feb, 2015


March, 2015

Provides for TOTO Showroom (Global) by TOTO CO., LTD

"Washlet® Functionality (USA)"


March 25, 2015

DAOKO 1st Album "DAOKO"

Arrangement for



August, 2015

Astell&Kern AK100II KANA HANAZAWA Edition
Composition & Arrangement


Music & Lyrics: HAMO(Yamato Kasai)


Singin: pitn


Movie Produce: nirnor inc.


Movie Direction: NISHIDA Koji (nirnor inc. | RAKU-GAKI)

Model: M

Hair & Make: Furuta

Dress Design & Styling: MURANO Marie (La mariee d'antan)

Assist: MANO Azusa (nirnor inc. | Prismgirl)

Movie Shooting, Edition&CG: NISHIDA Koji (nirnor inc.)