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Mili is an indies international music group consisting of 6 talented minds -- with a background in classical music, composer/guitarist Yamato Kasai produces a wide range of genres; trilingual Canadian vocalist momocashew writes and sings in an angelic voice; skilled bassist Yukihito Mitomo and drummer Shoto Yoshida provide a solid backbone to Mili’s music with various techniques; designer Ame Yamaguchi and illustrator Ao Fujimori visually depict the magical world of Mili.

Together, Mili create imaginative and story-rich songs, shaking fans all over the globe.


As of Nov 2018, Mili has 200,000 subscribers Youtube.
Mili has provided numerous tracks for the globally successful game Deemo and quickly became one of the most popular artists featured.
All of Mili’s albums ranked highly on the Oricon chart, seeing great sales numbers both physically and digitally.
Mili provided the opening themes to the anime titles Goblin Slayer and Merc Storia, which are aired on TV from Oct 2018 and available for streaming on Netflix.


"Occasionally, a new band comes along that is so different and so original, they defy categorization and that band for me, is Mili." -- Glenn Williams, music writer (2018)


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