- Mili 3rd Album -

Millennium Mother

Limited Edition

3,500 yen (tax not included)

(limited edition package includes CD, DVD, and illustrated lyrics card)

Regular Edition

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(regular edition package includes CD and illustrated lyrics card)

April 25, 2018


Elegant, charming, and mysterious.
Mili's 3rd album Millennium Mother will make you fall in love with music all over again.

From "奶水 (Milk)" featured in rhythm game Deemo, to Mili's newest YouTube hits "Mushrooms" & "Mirror", to a rearrangement of one of Mili's biggest hits "Nine Point Eight". With a total of 20 tracks, Millennium Mother takes you into an adriod's dream.

With 20 illustrated lyrics cards, the limited edition also includes a DVD that features Mirror Mirror and Camelia's music video.

Trailer Movie

Limited Edition


Track List


01. Boys in Kaleidosphere

02. Camelia

03. Summoning 101

04. Vitamins feat. world's end girlfriend

05. Lemonade

06. 奶水 【Game "Deemo" Playable Song】

07. world.search(you);

08. Mushrooms

09. Gertrauda


11. Extension of You

12. Mirror Mirror

13. With a Billion Worldful of <3 feat. DÉ DÉ MOUSE

14. Every Other Ghost

15. Fossil

16. Rubber Human

17. Excαlibur

18. Let the Maggots Sing

19. Nine Point Eight -special edit- 【Game "Deemo" Playable Song】

20. Still Alive (cover)

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Animate Exclusive Bonus

Millennium Mother Vocals & Piano Unplugged CD

Track List
Summoning 101
Nine Point Eight -special edit-
Excαlibur ...and more

CDjapan Exclusive Bonus

Millennium Mother Jacket Poster (size: A3)


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Selected Tracks Preview

02. Camelia

06. 奶水


08. Mushrooms

12. Mirror Mirror


16. Rubber Human