「Birthday Kid」動画削除につきまして謝罪と対応 

YouTube、bilibili動画に投稿されているMiliの楽曲「Birthday Kid」を 削除する流れとなりました。

理由としましては、Birthday Kidに描かれた表現と歌詞の内容が意図しない方向へと解釈され、

また、「Birthday Kid」は製作段階より政治的な意味、主張を持たせる意図はなく、

「Birthday Kid」のイラストから政治的な意味合いを連想させない形で修正を施したものをYouTubeとbilibili動画に再度投稿予定となります。



An apology regarding the deletion of our video "Birthday Kid":

We will be deleting the video titled "Mili - Birthday Kid" from YouTube and Bilibili.

The illustration and lyrics of Birthday Kid could be interpreted in ways that are not intended, which has caused distress among our fans. We would like to delete the video to prevent the unintentional interpretations from spreading further.

We are deeply sorry for causing any confusion or pain through the video.

We would like you to know that in the making of Birthday Kid, we have never intended to connect the song to any political movements, and that the resemblance to a certain political symbol is purely coincidental.

The lyrics are meant to illustrate someone "grieving over their unfortunate childhood and slowly reaching the decision to move on".

A comment from the illustrator said "after receiving the lyrics and the character settings, I designed the image composition this way to show the character's hardships and suffering".

We will be re-uploading the video for Birthday Kid on YouTube and Bilibili, after we redo the illustration so that it does not resemble political symbols.

We will announce again once the new video for Birthday Kid is ready.

Once again, we are deeply sorry for creating this situation.

Thank you for supporting Mili.